Sunday, October 20, 2013

I had the honor to be published by Allthesketches  at the "hot Sketches" section , is webpage that I visit a lot for reference and inspiration, and to see what are the new trends and sketching techniques.
Thanks for the support guys!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I wanted to represent the first day at the track, where all the tests begin, the driver is nervous but excited, and still has the time to look at the paddock girl
The other guys are filling the fuel tank and putting the correct track settings for the car.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

This is how the sports car is looking right now. 

Front view

Side view

Rear 3/4

I wanted to take the risk on rendering the body on a white glossy carbon fiber material to contrast the matte surfaces in black or dark grey. Until now I'm happy with the results, but I'll try more views and maybe a dynamic scene just to see how it looks interacting with the user

I couldn't find the time to upload this before, but now I'm on vacations! so I'll upload a few of old sketches and 2D digital renders  I had stored in my computer
Hope I can Keep up with some work now on vacations!

I wanted to take the Recon Vehicle I did for CGMA to the next level, by designing the details on the vehicle and making a nice 3/4 view to understand every part... I'm maybe making a 3D model for this one,
still one of my favourites!

This was actually a scene that started by trying new Mark Molnar's brushes  and ended up like this, where a Salmon Ship is charging some kind of energy for the turbine

Some views of a Luxury Sports car I had in mind
This is just a Thumbnail for a sports car I want to keep improving on vacations, the segment could be an exclusive car like Pagani or La Ferrari, maybe Aventador, and maybe to upgrade it a bit I can redesign a GT version

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monotone Renault Sketch proposal
I've been trying work on my hand sketching

Monday, February 25, 2013

playing a little bit with light and color, this image represents the vehicle in a rough frozen environment where the explorers have to camp and research in containers... I like how it is coming off, may be I'll try the "next day image" like at the morning with now campfire and more detail back in the environment.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Environment Design

I ended up liking this 2 thumbs for better work, but I'll do 5 options and I'll try to get them to the next level, Jason Scheier crit was really helpfull about the colors and texturing. Learning a lot here!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

environment design

I've been working this past weeks in this for CGMA 
incorporating a "Prop" in to a scene ... lets see how it goes, 
Learning so much with Jason Scheier and Paul Christopher

A city was evacuated many years ago due to a cold era,
now it is all covered in snow, and with no people left,  there are caves and lots of unrecognizable places left to explore, so this brave explorers with the help of a specialized Recon Vehicle go to an adventure with temperatures over -50 degrees Celsius and very extreme changing weather.

Recon Vehicle Concept

one of my favorites of all time is this guy,
An all terrain Recon vehicle RCN V1 for a sci fi movie or videogame , with tires incorporating terrain scanner and light, to light the way and also be seen from great distances
the painting is inspired in WW2 planes

I'd like to thank Paul Christopher for this amazing lessons
This is a Giant Rescue Mech I did at Paul Christopher class, I believe the legs can be fixed cause it looks a bit weak, but pretty happy with the result!

Here are some hand sketches I've been doing for cars over this month, hope you enjoy them!
I used a ballpoint pen, Prisma Color pencils, and the last ones are done with Multiliner (the most difficult for me!)